Early years

Hello my name is Amy. I’m a single mother of a beautiful daughter with special needs. She truly is the light of my life/partner in crime.

I found out at the young age of 20 I was pregnant.

I was dating my high school boyfriend, Mike. I was going to college & he was working a full time job. Not sure how to do it alone we decided to get married. Six months after that we had Kathryn and bought a house.

I knew something wasn’t right. Kathryn was not doing as much as my other friends babies. My pediatrician kept saying she was a late bloomer. I wasn’t settling for that. We got involved with a Birth to Three program, they came out to the house to evaluate Kat. Once a week we started we started attending play groups and one-on-one sessions.

Preschool came fast, still wasn’t talking but got her point across. Fine motor skills were lacking as was her coordination. I wasn’t giving up!!! I wanted what was best for her. She was always smiling and nothing really seemed to bother her. Easy going.